Understanding Numerology: Its Nature and Essence

The Science of Numerology and its relevance to human affairs is the Science of Numbers. The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, who lived about 500 years before the Christian period, first set and codified his beliefs. We are, in essence, indebted to him for our current system of music, which is based on the very same laws of progression that form the basis of the science of numerology. There is, however, fragmentary evidence that some sort of numerology was practiced long before the time of Pythagoras-its origin was traced to the Chinese, who long before our Western civilization had begun had achieved a high standard of learning and culture.

The Jewish Kabala also played a major role in the foundation of science, and, as practiced at the present time, there is ample evidence of its influence on modern numerology.

There is no question that much of Numerology's ancient lore has been lost, but a revival has taken place over the last few years, especially in America, where Numerology is sometimes referred to as the "Science of Success" for reasons that will be clear to the reader by the time he completes this book.

Recently, many excellent books on this science have been written, but, sadly, most of them are much too technical and involved, and only succeed in confounding the mind of the average investigator. Therefore, the author attempted to put a working framework before the public that would be easily understood and allow the reader, with very little difficulty, to work out his own numbers and those of his friends.

There are only nine "primal" numbers, 1 to 9, and Numerology is based on these numbers because by simply adding from left to right and reducing until only a single number is left, any number, however high, can be reduced to one of these nine.

There are now only nine different forms of persons, each ruled by one of the nine primary numbers, as follows: -

1. Form Violent or Brave.

2. The sort of PLACID or BALANCED.

3. A type of EXPRESSIVE or ACTIVE.

4. A sort of DELIBERATE or Careful.

5. Form Flexible or RESTLESS.



8. The Strong or Effective form.

9. The sort of UNIVERSAL or MAGNETIC.

You MUST belong to one of these categories, dear Reader. What one? Numerology is going to teach you, but it's going to tell you a lot more, not just about yourself, but about your colleagues. It will encourage you to 'weigh up' people in a way that will astound you, with very little research. About why? Since Numerology is an EXACT SCIENCE, unlike Phrenology, Palmistry, Divination by Cards etc.

In addition to telling you your Destiny Number, Numerology will also tell you your Positive Qualities to be produced, your Negative Qualities to be suppressed. It will reveal the best way of life-the best career to accept the right people from whom you will gain, both materially and mentally; that is to say, to mix with them. Individuals whose numbers vibrate with your number.

Therefore, practice this wonderful science, for if acted upon in an intelligent manner, the knowledge of yourself you can acquire from it will very easily turn failure into success.